Alone in a taxi 
I'm summoned into the noise 
by those superstitious spirits
who call out to me 

I wish you could meet me here
at the city harbour 
where love whispers
and pangs of longing travel  
like ghosts and plastic bottles
drifting, drifting, drifting
on black water 

Possessed by this alien atmosphere 
my supernatural world takes over me
like gentle lovers embracing on the Star Ferry
forever chasing a sweet, electric high 

I'm awake and full of wonder
in a strange, dripping universe
as moonlight spills from the sky
and buoys float like disco balls 
and skyscrapers kiss the sea 
and lasers reflect on dark waves 
like shattered neon mirrors

Illuminated by red light
I watch the metered fare rise
Hong Kong calls out to me
and I disappear into the night

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